Thermo-Logic is a dynamic, innovative and service-minded company mainly focusing on optimizing energy costs, technical insulation solutions, protective coatings and maintenance. We help customers all through the process from estimating ROI, consulting and projecting to installation of our products.

Our objective is to match our portfolio of services and products with
our customers and markets demands/needs enableing us to provide the best solution for every unique project.

Thermo-Logic has a base-portfolio within premium poluyrethane and coatings, but we constantly updating our range of products and services to stay in line with our customers and markets needs.

As a company, together with our fantastic suppliers we have hundreds of years experiance and ”know-how” within our domains. We network constantly around Scandinavia, Europe and around the globe, and collaborate with builders, architects, property owners, engineers and suppliers to ensure a high quality in products and performance.

Our clients are located around the world, from the coldest north to the hottest middle-east as the need for effective insulation and coatings is global. Our systems are highly requested and ranges from agricultural farms with condensation and vapor problems to restorational roofing projects and crawlspaces.

All of our products are tested, certified and approved by the right agancies. We have certifications from FDA, CE, BBA, Sintef, RISE amungst others. We always strive to minimize and reduce carbon footprints to ensure that we not only save energy but also create environmental sustainability for our planet.