The foam used by Thermo-Logic is from Nort America. It is the most effective and accredited polyurethane-foam in the market. The benefits of using a North American foam is many, but especially the customers appriciate the high level of quality you get everytime we install our system. This creates credibility in the market and as the foam is performing so well every time, the customers can rely on Thermo-Logic to perform with the same fantastic result project after project. There is also the benefits of a safer product that has a much lower risk of
overheating, changing texture in application or acting different depending on batch quality. The North American foam is likely 20 years ahead of the european foam when it comes to innovation, environmental safety, quality and delivery.
Polyurethane as a product you find in almost everything. Cars, mobile homes, chairs, shoes and much more. The best example where polyurethane is superior is in fridges and coolers. Modern fridges has only a couple of centimeters thick polyurethane but still keeps -18 without moisture and energy loss. When we spray the polyurethane its also seamless, vapourtight, airtight and convection-free which means that warm and cool air never meet to create moisture. The areas of use is endless due to the high effectiveness of the product.
Nort American foam is well tested over time and is considered by the industry as a superior product for its great qualities. Both for customers and applikators. The foam used today is the 4:th generation of polyurethane sprayfoam using Honeywells Solstice blowing agent reducing the ozone deplation potential with an ODP of ZERO. In other words it is ozon-friendly and a big part of the manufactured resin is made from returned plastic bottles. Win win for our planet.
The sprayfoam we use is consistant over time, does not lose performance, shape or quality. It strengthens the construction we spray making the construction stronger and more dureable to wind and earthquakes.
Our sprayfoam is applicable for most things where you want to save energy in heating or cooling. It blocks vapor, stops rust, conserve and creates a seamless ”envelope” or ”shell” around the facility making it easier to controll the climate inside. The most comon thicknes we apply is 50 mm but it is still outperforming +300 mm of fiberglas or blown in insulation due to its high level of efficiancy.
Some areas of use:
• Walls.
• Floors.
• Concrete Slabs.
• Steel Constructions.
• Unvented Crawl Spaces.
• Vented Crawl Spaces.
• Cold Storage.
• Unvented Attics.
• Vented Attics.
• Ducts.
• Freezers.
• Ceilings.
• Piping.
• Foundations.
• Tanks.
• Coolers etc..



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