Thermo-Logic is offering both closed and open cell polyurethane along with
coating products for concrete foundation and radon-gas solutions. With our vast experience, we help to guide our customers to find the right product for each project making the solution as cost effictive as possible.

Polyurethane has been known for its great insulation proparties and effectiveness for decades. Due to its thermal conductivity, seamless application and air tightness the need for over-sized construction needed for traditional insulation is almost history.

Spray applied Polyurethane provides the building with a seamless and airtight envelope providing both a good living environment as well as reduced energy costs. The polyurethane is very versatile with many areas of use.

Concrete lifting & Soil Stabilization

Now it¥s possible to raise and stabilize concrete slabs and heavy construction without adding more weight to the already weak subgrade to the fraction of the price. This system is less extensive, stronger, lighter and much more cost effective.

Together with our valued supplier HMI we offer a unique system developed exclusively for raising and stabilizing all kinds of heavy constructions. For more than 20 years HMI has been in the slab lifting industry developing, researching and producing specialized polyurethane materials to ensure the highest performance for every type of lifting. The system is faster, lighter and more sustainable than traditional concrete lifting methods on the market. Both for our customers and the environment.


Worn out, cracked and unsealed concrete and the problems related to that is a cost ofbillions each year. So is overheated and leakin roofs. Thats why there are greatsavings to make through smarter investments in protection, sealing and coating allacross the market.

There are great needs for wear protection and conservation efforts
in production industries, shipping, hydrostations, food manufacturing, oil tanks etc. Thermo-Logic together our great suppliers offers great and unique coatings and sealants for every need.