Thermo-Logic is using different kinds of foam for different applications. A traditional ”closed cell” 2000 is a 100 % vapor barrier, seamless, airtight and convection free.

We also carry an open 500 cell thats 100 % airtight, seamless, and hermetic. The 500 open cell forms a sealed air barrier in wall cavities, creates a air and moist barrier in vented attics. It is superior to commonly used fiber-glass batts and provides a continous barrier against air infiltration and has an exceptional performance in heat transfer in residential and commercial constructions. The 500 foam is also a great sound barrier with an STC of 42 in 100 mm thickness.

The roofing foam system is a 2500 – 3500 density foam made for roofing installations. It´s denser and more self flashing than the regular closed cell which gives it more stability and wear-abilities. Together with our roof-coatings it provides a seamless and airtight, fully adhered and lightweight insulation and waterprofing over a variety of roof deck substrates.

Some common areas of use with the 2000 sprayfoam

UNVENTED CRAWLING SPACES Our system is rekommended by Research Institute Of Sweden (RISE) as a longterm, energy-efficiant solution creating a cold air and moist barrier underneath the house. The foam blocks cold and moist air to enter through the floor, conserves the floor and creates a thermic barrier where almost 90 % of the spilled heat is returned back to the house. The tempereture on the floor level inceases with up to 2-7 degrees celcius. The foam is also certified as a block for radon-gas.

FOUNDATION WALLS Closed cell applied to basement walls (foundation drainage work) creates an effective and seamless vapor barrier keeping moisture away fram the basemant even if its flood. The foam also insulates the foundation making it easier to control the inside climate.

VENTILATED ATTICS The polyurethane provides energy savings and enhanced air quality, less air infiltration and great sound reduction.

UNVENTILATED ATTICS/EXTERIOR WALLS If you want to maximize energy savings without losing valuable living space. If that is the case we are your first choice in insulation. Our foam works as a two-way insulation blocking gazing heat in summer and protects from cold in the winter. The system requires no air-gap for ventilating the insulation or a vapor protecting membrane which takes time, money and uses living space.

STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS, CANVAS WAREHOUSES Thermo-Logic´s foam has properties missing in traditional insulation systems. There is no need for extra vapor barriers, air gaps or anchoring points to keep it in place.

The result is a 100% seamless, air-tight and long lasting building envelope protecting the construction from condensation, air infiltration and saves energy both in summer and winter as well as strengthening the applied area up to 300%. We can insulate 200-300 m2/day and spray-rigg with the right circumstanses. With a well insulated steel building the Return On Investment is only a few years. The foam act as a two-way insulation keeping the facilities warm in the winter and cool in the summer.



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