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Thermo-Logic is a dynamic, innovative, and service-oriented company focusing on energy optimization, technical insulation, sealing, surface treatment, corrosion protection, condensation protection, maintenance, and coatings. We consult, advise, install, and perform everything in our range ourselves.

Our business idea is to match the needs of our customers and the market with suppliers, products, and services that reduce costs in everything from energy consumption and thermal solutions to maintenance, wear and tear, coatings, and sealings.

As the needs for energy optimization evolve, we constantly face new demands for higher standards and stricter requirements on insulation and energy-saving measures. Significant investments are being made to make houses, offices, and industrial buildings as cost-effective as possible regarding future energy expenditures. Within the product group of polyurethane in spray form, there are insulation materials with unmatched results in terms of tightness and reduced energy consumption. For instance, Thermo-Logic’s foam has an exceptionally low lambda value, and combined with its seamlessness, it creates great opportunities for energy saving and increased living comfort.

At Thermo-Logic, our core range includes polyurethane and coatings, but we continuously update and adapt our supplier collaborations, our portfolio, and our services to meet our clients’ needs.

As a company, we have, along with our suppliers, hundreds of years of experience in our field. We collaborate with several contractors throughout Scandinavia, Europe, and the rest of the world. We have partnerships with Control/Quality Managers, Building Engineers, and Architects.

Our clients and customers are located virtually all over the world, and thanks to our systems, we are in demand in the agriculture and breeding industries, even down to the Middle East.

Our products are certified and approved by both regional and global authorities such as the FDA, BBA, RISE, Sintef, and many more. We always use the best the market can offer, and
our requirements for the environment, climate impact, and durability are strict.