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Polyurethane Insulation

Thermo-Logic offers spray insulation with both open and closed cells, as well as products for foundation insulation and radon barriers. With our applicators’ extensive experience, the most cost-effective product for your project is chosen.

Polyurethane has for decades been known as a highly efficient insulation material where high demands are set. Thanks to its effectiveness, the thickness of the insulation can be radically reduced compared to traditional insulation products.

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Worn-out concrete costs billions every year. Therefore, significant savings can be made through smarter renovation and surface sealing, in everything from municipalities, industries, and contracting to energy companies and hydroelectric plants.

We offer our customers the highest quality in coating. Everything from sealing and restoring, as well as UV-reducing roof coatings to high-performance waterproofing for bathrooms, foundations, and concrete bases.

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Cool Roof Systems

With Thermo-Logic Cool Roof Systems, you get a tight, seamless, UV-reducing, and aesthetically pleasing membrane that renews the roof without the need to remove the old one. As a bonus, our system creates a “cool roof” (so-called Cool Roof) that lowers the roof temperature from 45-85 degrees in the summer down to air temperature, which lowers the working temperature and thereby extends the lifespan of mechanical systems mounted on the roof.

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