Worn out, cracked and unsealed concrete and the problems related to that is a cost of billions each year. So is overheated and leakin roofs. Thats why there are great savings to make through smarter investments in protection, sealing and coating all across the market. There are great needs for wear protection and conservation efforts in production industries, shipping, hydrostations, food manufacturing, oil tanks etc. Thermo-Logic together our great suppliers offers great and unique coatings and sealants for every need.

Roofing restauration

There are a variety of ways to repair or restore a worned out roof. The most expensive way is to remove the old roofin felt and replace it with new, the next most expensive way is to patch up the old roof piece by piece as the problems occur.

There is a third option providing a seamless, watertight and aesthetically pleasing roof while significantly increases service life. Thermo-Logic´s roofing system.

In addition to nice aesthetics and waterproofing, elastomeric roof coatings can add a reflective surface, which works to reduce heating and cooling equipment loads on temperature-controlled buildings. The system is particularly economical compared to removing and replacing a roof.


Our roofing-silicone is a modern and seamless one-componant silicone-based roof-coating with total adhesion to almost any substrate. It seals the roof and acts as a hermetic preservation over new and existing roof-substrates. The roofing-silicone restores, protects and sustains the life of the roof creating a cooler surface with less demands for maintenance and reduces and whitstanding solar-heat with up to 85%.

Liquid Rubber

The products from Liquid Rubber has already been used in several years for different projects around the world. Liquid Rubber Sweden manages the Swedish market and is an active partner to Liquid Rubber Europe and Cantech Global Distribution INC handling the manufacturing and distribution to Europe. We are distributing the whole portfolio from Liquid Rubber with a serie of unique systems and products for a great variation of projects.

Unique properties
The quality is fantastic, the application is quite simple and the result is sustainable.

  • Waterproof
  • Vapor, air and gas-tight
  • Blocks Radon-gas
  • Great elongation strengt and adhearence
  • Adheres to moist surfaces
  • Environmently friendly
  • No VOC or other toxins
  • 900% elasticity
  • Withstands high temperatures (-40 to +160 C)

Eco Silicate System

Eco Silicate System is an environmentally friendly and cost effective coating with extreme durability and countless areas of use. The product is available as a self levelling flooring system and/or a high chemical resistent protection available for spray application.

Areas of use:

  • Industries
  • Ports
  • Waterplants & pipes
  • Swimming pools
  • Car parks
  • Big surfaces in need of a seamless protective coating
  • And more..



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